Monday, 22 March 2010

A non-identical pair

I have been a bit busier with sewing since I got my new sewing machine earlier this year. I haven't done as much as I would like, as I am due to finish my PhD next week (eek). However, I had a flurry of finishing baby quilts, stimulated by some new arrivals. Of course, having finished a non-identical pair, for a pair of non-identical twins, I haven't actually got around to posting them. Silly me.

However, here are some pictures of a pair of quilts, for a boy and a girl; I'm quite pleased with these.

I only used fabrics from my stash, even for the backs. The clown fabric that is used in the centre of some of the blocks is a Laura Ashley Country Furnishing Cotton from the 1980s. I have only a few very small squares left of it now. I love the colours, but the clowns actually look a bit miserable! I hope these quilts will be used rather than tucked away in a drawer. One has a ribbon border appliqued on because I accidentally nicked the outer border fabric with a rotary cutter in a couple of places - now secured by the ribbon! Oops.