Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Quiltless babies and other work in progress

Now that I have a litte more spare time, I have been catching up with some quilting. Four quilts have actually left the building this year, a major achievement for me, and this is inspite of the acquisition of a Jack Russell terrier, and severe limitations on the use of the design floor! The first two were the non-identical pair that I have already written about. I'll tell you about the next two here.

One is for my cousin Charlie's first baby, Fin, who has been quiltless for a little while.

I have some blocks left over from this one, as I wasn't sure what I was making when I started, but realised that Fin was a quiltless baby, and I needed to sort out a quilt fast! The sashing helped to reduce the busy-ness and tied it all together, and the backing and binding are one piece of bright orange fabric from my collection. This was a real stash buster.

Although the blocks are random, I have sort of organised the colours when laying out the finished blocks (yellow corners meet in top left, green on top right and blue on bottom right). I have also tried to make sure that identical prints are not adjacent.

The second quilt was for a very new niece, althoug I had started the blocks before. I put them together into this bright number for Arwen:

I used the fabrics from a Moda tin, called Splish Splash - lots of bright water theme nursery prints with coordinates. I did of course supplement this from my own collection to make a bigger central panel. I add two borders to bring the blocks together, the black and white border is intended to give the eye somewhere to rest, and then the left over strips of fabric make the next border. I had to go out and buy the bright pink flower fabric (once I knew that Arwen was a girl!). Although I did have fabrics, I didn't like any of them with the quilt centre. I also bought the backing fabric, which I completely adore.

There are still quiltless babies, and more on the way, so I will have to continue with the baby quilt production line. However, I also have other unfinished projects, some of which I am trying to get a little further on. This one is from a Katherine Guerrier design in Popular Patchwork a couple of years ago, which I have, as usual, adapted to suit the sizes of fabric I have in my collection!