Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Not much creatively speaking

Well, not much has happened at the sewing machine, although I have progressed one quilt from the cut strip stage, to having sewed some together and then cut them up again. Gosh that's amazing! The picture above is from something I made (and finished!) over a weekend in March. Day one was a workshop at one of my local quilt shops. Unfortunately, I failed to take a note of the designer of this beautiful pattern, so I can't give proper credit. I don't think my border does it justice - I rushed it a bit just to get it finished, and the quilting is fairly basic. One of the things I really like about this one is that a lot of the quilting is actually zig zag over the edges of the bonded applique - 2 stages in one! This one is hanging on our bedroom wall, where it cheers me up every morning.

Also, I've started a dinosaur baby quilt and added some borders to the block centre. Stuck on the third outer border, as I don't have quite the right shade of blue.

Otherwise, my next trick will be making a Count Dracula cloak, specification black bat wing shape with scarlet lining. Someone (sadly not me) is going to a fancy dress party. He's going to 2 actually, but has opted to go pirate to the Peter Pan one. That's dead easy, have all the required bits for that one already.

My veg box lady loved the veg bag - I hope she uses it!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Trying to keep up

Well, the last few weeks have been a bit much, without anything in particular happening. Trying to up the pressure on my PhD to progress it, but every time I try that the family needs me. What about me!!!

Anyway, when I can't work on intellectual things I can play with fabric, as that is more 'interruptible' - so I've done a few quilty things, although nothing old is actually finished, and some new things have been started - one of those was finished though, so its not all bad.

My attempts not to buy fabric have been completely useless - I have bought loads! One of my cyber quilting friends was visiting Aberdeen, so I escorted her around some of our quilting shops. Of course I HAD to buy stuff - pictures above!

I have also completed and sent off some Linus blocks to Karol-Ann (sorry can't figure out how to add links). The smallest block was for Karol-Ann to keep.

I also finished off some Hearts and Flowers blocks to send to Jane from British Quilt List. They were a bit quirky, but I hope somebody will like them. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them!
Other progress - actually on a UFO this time, was to add borders and black/white hearts to a cotbed size quilt, originally inspired by a design from the French magazine Magic Patch. Unfortunately, they are really bad at crediting designers, so I can't be sure who originally designed the quilt. Although I have strayed from the original design, because I lost the magazine after I sewed the centre, I think it remains fairly faithful. It's certainly bright!

I've started another batch of Linus blocks. At least I think they are for Linus - I might have to use them for a baby quilt for family, as someone has just produced (a boy, after two girls), and her sister-in-law is next month (I hope a girl, as they have 2 boys!).

Other things done: started a new baby quilt (probably for new cousin no 1 - the wee boy), and a bag started AND finished, as an apology for being a rotten customer of a local veg box scheme. I hope they like it!

Also, I have added eyes to the fish, and other half has hung them on the wall. Sadly, he wants them in a particular place, which isn't right. But never mind. I'll make something else for that spot that is right, and swap later. I haven't taken a picture yet, it's still on the to do list.

That is probably enough for now! I have a parcel to send to someone on the local Freecycle network who wanted embroidery things - another box has been emptied - so I'll take no 2 along to the post office! He's off nursery and missing a trip to Macduff Aquarium as a result. Rats. I'm also missing another meeting in the department. Sometimes, being a modern woman is raw deal. However, I'm glad we're not chattels any more!

Best thing that's happened is my squishy from Ali - lovely fabrics all the way from Australia, and a sweet Christmas decoration. I'm still choosing what to send to Ali, but I had better hurry up.

Bye for now!