Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Autumn's back again...

Time for a little update I guess, as so many of my quilts haven't been 'shown' here yet...
Here we have Luke's quilt, made earlier this year, Caleb's quilt,sent to New Zealand a few months ago, and Lizzie's quilt, which now lives in Bristol.
I had great fun making all these quilts, as usual, but my fabric stash does not seem to have got any smaller!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Another bit of catching up...

I wasn't able to upload more photos the other day, so time for another go. I've had a marvellous weekend of sewing, raking through my extensive fabric collection, and reorganising some of it. I've got four or five baby quilts actively on the go, and a number of other patchwork tops which need to be finished off in due course. I love sewing baby quilts though....
Below is a picture of my 'best ever quilt', just for Sheila...

Right - back to a crop of baby quilts.

This is Freya's quilt, for my cousins' baby in Australia. She was more of a toddler by the time she got it last year. The design is mostly from a purchased pattern, but of course I didn't stick to it.

And this one was for Freya's Mummy and Daddy - a wallhanging with Australian fabrics, as a very late wedding present. The formula for this pattern came from the book Nine Patch Pizzazz.

Google doesn't let me upload very quickly, so that's all for now!

Happy sewing everyone!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

I'm rather behind...

I'm horribly behind with blog posting, something which me stepdaughter likes to remind me about... Hey ho. sorry folks. I blame Pinterest where I keep finding lots of ways of wasting time while I marvel at the taste, creativity and imaginations of people all over the world.

I also blame knitting - it is so much easier to sit watching TV while knitting rather than clear the kitchen table for every meal. However, there are some projects which have been finished. Mostly for babies - I just love making baby quilts.

Back of Lizzie's quilt (2010)

Right side of Lizzie's quilt (2010)
Above is the front and back of a quilt for baby Lizzie. I don't often use panel fabric - I have had a half metre length with these panels of mother and baby animals for several years without really knowing how to use it. However, I pulled out all my bright fabrics with spots, stripes and hearts and started playing. I still have 4 more (different) panels left from this fabric, so I may just make another of these.

For some reason, blogger isn't letting me add any more pictures, so further catching up will have to wait, sadly.

Let's hope that June's weather for North East Scotland is a substantial improvement on May. Happy Sewing everyone!