Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Silent in 2012

I can't quite believe that the whole of 2012 went past without me blogging about my quilts! However, I did make one or two, so I thought I should record them for posterity.

This one was commissioned by a relative for her first grandchild:

This one was made for a colleague's first baby, and it is my first quilt to move permanently to India!

I made this New Zealand-themed quilt for a friend's new baby. Both parents are from New Zealand, but live in London. I used some of the fabrics from an earlier NZ-themed quilt that were still in my stash, but I didn't have nearly enough. I put an appeal on the British Quilt List and several fantastic people (all complete strangers) helped me out! After much head scratching I based the complicated pattern on the 'rules' explained in Nine Patch Pizzazz, because my friend sent me a picture of a rug covered in multi-coloured squares as their inspiration! She also sent me the fantastic owl fabric on the back...

The last 2012 quilt was made for a cousin whose FOURTH baby was born in early autumn. London 2012 was big news, and they live in the south east, so guess what the theme is! Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to post the finished article, that I forgot to photograph it, and the parents are WAY too busy to take one at the moment, but that's ok!